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Staff and training

Updated : June 21, 2022

As of March 2022, the number of Jinchuan Group’s employees sit at 29,035. In 2021, the group recruited 413 college graduates with bachelor's degree or above, and 709 skilled professionals at the job market.

In 2021, 868 Jinchuan workers obtained qualifications for technical professionals; among them are 312 assistant engineers, 148 engineers, 395 senior engineers and 13 professional engineers.


A senior Jinchuan worker shares her experience with a new employee. [Photo provided to en.acmilanjclebanon.com]

Jinchuan utilizes the “135” training system for basic workers and an intensive training mechanism for key employees, which focus on strengthening their professional attitude, ethics and project management  abilities, while guiding them to participate in technical exchanges across all levels. It also aims to help employees expand their personal visions, carry out professional and technical work independently and transform themselves from general technical talents to professional masters.


Jinchuan Group values talent training. [Photo provided to en.acmilanjclebanon.com]

The group has implemented specific training plans for key talents, placed value on talent introduction and accelerated major talent cultivation based on its management, technology, skill and position system, as well as staff members’ career development paths. Employees with outstanding performance and contributions will get priority in promotions.

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