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Technological innovation boosts Jinchuan’s development

Updated : January 30, 2024

Jinchuan Group has always given full play to technological progress and positioned itself for global development, with the aim of being a world-class enterprise. After years of development, it has formed an integrated system of industry, academia, and research for technological innovation, acquiring a large number of core technologies and production equipment with independent intellectual property rights.


In 2023, Jinchuan Group closely centered its key efforts on production and operation, project construction, technological progress, and employee well-being. Throughout the year the company directed its innovation towards safety, environmental friendliness, low carbon emissions, occupational health, performance optimization, and efficiency improvement.

It has established platforms, mechanisms, and incentives to stimulate the innovative enthusiasm and creative potential of its employees. In-depth activities themed around "promoting digital innovation at job positions" was carried out to improve the working environment, eliminate safety hazards, accelerate the transformation of digital scenarios, and explore new ideas, technologies, equipment, and material applications.

As a result, a number of innovative achievements with high safety performance, technological content, and level of intelligence have emerged. This has provided strong endogenous power for the comprehensive advancement of the construction of the industrial workforce in the new era and has supported the company's efforts in building a world-class enterprise and achieving high-quality development.


In 2023, Jinchuan Group completed a total of 2,036 technical innovation achievements, while obtaining 282 patents throughout the year.

In the era led by technology, innovation determines the future, and Jinchuan's people will further contribute to building Jinchuan into a world-class enterprise with goals, aspirations, capabilities, and vision through their innovative achievements.

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