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Jinchuan Group sees excellent start to 2024

Updated : February 1, 2024

In January, Jinchuan Group achieved revenue of 22.6 billion yuan ($3.15 billion), with its subsidiaries having all completed their production tasks, achieving an excellent start in production in 2024.


At the beginning of 2024, Jinchuan Group's main products, including electrolytic nickel, cathode copper, electroplated cobalt, precious metals, and deep processing of nickel-copper, all met their production targets, leading to a 10.2% year-on-year increase in industrial output value.

The Nickel Smelter's electrolytic nickel production completed its first month's production and operational tasks. This year, it will promote the pyrometallurgical system to operate at a higher rate and full load to fully utilize its production capacity; the hydrometallurgical system to achieve balanced operation; and other systems to provide full support.


The Mineral Processing Plant completed 100.53 percent of the planned ore processing volume, with both the nickel and copper recovery rates achieving 100.01 percent of the plan, exceeding the production and operational tasks for January. In the next phase, the plant will promote coordinated cooperation between upstream and downstream processes, ensuring full-load production across the entire system.


The Mining Engineering Company of Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. also exceeded the monthly plan for tunneling footage, tunneling volume, and drilling projects. Throughout January, the company promptly followed up on the annual key production and construction needs of the headquarters and overseas projects, adjusting construction and production layouts in a timely manner, effectively promoting the smooth commencement of over ten new construction projects.


After achieving breakthroughs in annual sales volume, production volume, and profits in 2023, Jinchuan Group Nickel Alloy Co., Ltd. completed a product output of 971.55 tons in January, exceeding the monthly production target. Facing uncertain external market conditions and competitive pressures, in 2024, the company will focus its efforts on market development, quality improvement, technological transformation, and research projects over the course of the year.

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