Classification of LED digital tube
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  1, according to the way of controlling points: divided into control mode (internal SCM, automatic power control mode (color) and the need for external controller can change).

  2, according to changes in the way points: divided into fixed color and colorful, full color; color is used to hook the outline, can hook contour full-color, can form a tube screen display text, video etc..

  3, according to the size: D50, D30, this is basically diameter; length 1 meters (can be customized); the need according to the actual need to select the line.

  In 4, LED digital tube according to the internal controllability: 1 m of section 6, is 1 meters and 1 meters 8 segment 12 segment 16 segment, 1 meters, 1 meters of 32 segment. It is 1 metres there were several section of pipe can be independently controlled; 1 meter section number, and better effect of video. If the density is low, or do some chasing effect, do 1 meters of section 6 can.

  In 5, LED digital tube according to the number of LED points: 1 m 96 lights, 1 meters 144 light; the more light is better. Generally do a full-color are 1 meters 144 single lamp.

  In 6, LED digital tube according to the power supply branch: divided into high voltage power supply (direct 220V power supply voltage power supply (12V) and power supply, 220V power supply needs to add a switch power conversion); the general choice of low-voltage power supply is reliable, stable, high voltage power supply of easily burnt.

  In 7, LED digital tube according to the pixel points: one meter 16 segment tube is tube 1 meters has 16 pixels. There are generally 6 segment digital tube, 8 digital tube, 12 digital tube, 16 digital tube, 32 digital tube, 16 section more. Such as the 6 segment digital tube is generally used in the outline of the project.