What are the types of LED display screen
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  Below by Zhongshan Tonghui photoelectric Co., Ltd. brief introduction what are the category LED display? Probably many novice friend doesn't know the difference between an LED display screen, color, LED display screen, display performance using environment three aspects, what is the difference between the LED display? What are the classification of LED display screen?

  LED display screen according to the color difference between classification

  Monochrome LED display

  Monochrome LED display Gu's name is also the color of the screen backlight only one, most of them are blue or green backlight, but there are other less common single colors, such as red, yellow and so on. Monochrome LED display most used red, red because of high luminous efficiency, brightness can be higher, also can use green, also can be mixed color, that is a part of a part with red, green, yellow for a part.

  Dual color LED display screen

  Dual color LED display screen is red and green LED put together as a pixel LED display production. Each pixel has two kinds of color can be superimposed red and green, yellow, gray scale in control of the situation, by changing the different degree of red and green ash, can mix up to 65535 colors.

  Full color LED display screen

  Full color LED display is red, green, blue three kinds of LED pipe are put together as a pixel LED display screen. Also known as the color LED display three colors, each pixel has three RGB color gray, in control of the situation, through the change of the RGB different gray, can well restore the color of nature, a combination of 16777216 colors.

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